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Our team of passionate and creative designers create designs that communicate well through their graphics. Our designers effectively use design elements to convey information or create an effect that has an everlasting impact on the viewers. We at Techsparks totally understand that Graphic Design gives your company a Face and a Visual Presentation to create a brand image for your product.

We exactly know how to play with these ten fundamental design elements:

  • Line :  From division of space to drawing eye’s attention to a specific location line plays a vital role in design.
  • Color :  It’s the most obvious element that catches the eye.
  • Shape :  Shapes add interest by emphasizing on different portions of the page.
  • Space :  Even the part of the page that is left out helps create an overall image.
  • Texture :  It enhances the surfaces by adding multi-dimensional view.
  • Typography :  Giving different styles to your words make them speak louder.
  • Scale :  The variation in size of objects indirectly depicts the firm (for example- subtle differences in size are preferred by professional firms and bold ones by creative firms).
  • Dominance and Emphasis :  Emphasizing correctly dominates the correct section of view (for example contrast arises curiosity and creates a focal point on the view).
  • Balance :  Symmetry and asymmetry sums up the whole balance concept. Creative firms prefer asymmetry whereas non-creative firms prefer symmetry.
  • Harmony :  It’s the most important element of design. Design only makes sense when each of its element goes in accordance with the other, this is where harmony plays its role.

Our Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Dreamweaver
  • Coral Draw
  • Adobe Lightroom CC

Why Hire Techsparks?

  • Truly passionate : Designing is an art that needs undivided attention and we love to devote our attention to explore, innovate and create the best designs for our client.
  • Very imaginative : We take inspirations from daily life elements and our creative ability to blend those ideas into abstract forms make our designs stand out in crowd.
  • Highly Perceptive : We never ignore even the slightest details provided by our clients and make sure even the intricacies of design communicate well.
  • Technical Expertise : We exactly know how to turn thoughts into reality with the use of best and appropriate design tools.

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